Bow Stand

Seed Type: Planting typically

lasts 6 to 9 months

Soil Type Required: Virtually

anywhere good seed-to-soil

contact can be attained

pH Level Required: 5.5 to 7.5

Sunlight Required: 2 to 4

hours of broken, filtered or direct


Protein Content: Up to 36%

Seeding Rate: 4 lbs.- 4,500 sq.

Seeding Depth: 1/8” or less

Equipment Required: Use of

a rake or hoe to do minimal

ground preparation

Bowhunters know the importance of bringing deer in as close as possible for the shot. Calls and requests from bowhunters across the country triggered our agronomists and wildlife biologists to start work on a highly attractive planting that could stand-up to heavy browsing and handle both cold and warm weather climates. It had to be easy to plant as well.

It took several years of research along with help from our field testers across the country to get the product perfected. “BowStand” is the result of this research and it is designed to create funnels and make trails and other small remote areas even more attractive to deer.

BowStand consists of a blend of seed varieties that give hunters early attraction for states with early bow seasons as well as forages that don’t reach their full levels of attractiveness until the late season.

BowStand contains several of Whitetail Institute’s exclusive seed varieties and these combined with several brassica type plants get your deer in your food plot early and keep them coming through the late season.

BowStand establishes quickly and deer usage has been reported within days of germination. BowStand is also enhanced with a soil pH booster that can help correct pH allowing faster development and more attractiveness in slightly acidic soils.

BowStand is designed to be planted with minimal effort, even in partially shaded trails and other hidden areas. If you’re a Bowhunter, BowStand is the food plot product you’ve been looking for.