The Nutritional needs of deer vary depending on the time of year. Whitetail Institute developed Cuting Edge nutrional supplements to meet the specific needs of a deer's annual growth cycle.


Whitetail Institute's research and development has produced these three Cutting Edge Suppplements to make sure your herd gets the proper nutrition for each paticulat time of year.


Start Initiate in late winter and provide it until the emergence of green vegetation….   In many parts of the country, a buck starts growing his antlers before nutrient-rich green vegetation emerges in the spring. Initiate contains a combination of protein, energy, minerals and vitamins (with other ingredients) that deer can utilize for improving body condition and early antler development. Initiate gives bucks a sound nutritional boost and can help them have heavier body weights and better antlers. (Start use of Initiate in January)


Switch to Optimize in mid-to-late springForages in most parts of North America lack essential nutrients required for maximizing antler development. Optimize supplements the deer’s natural diet with minerals, vitamins and 16% protein… all nutrients that contribute to antler growth.  Continue providing Optimize throughout the summer. (Start use of Optimize when spring green-up begins)


Switch to Sustain in the fallWhen the weather cools in the fall, switching to Sustain helps get bucks through the rigors of the rut and benefits all deer in the cold winter. Sustain is formulated to help reduce body weight loss and improve overall health during the rut and cold winter.   If body weight is well-maintained, when spring arrives, bucks can use more of the available nutrients to grow antlers instead of rebuilding their bodies.  (Start use of Sustain when the cool weather of fall begins)